Samus-Gallus derives from an exclusive individual site called „ Deidesheimer Herrgottsacker“- „God`s acre“.

It is located just outside Deidesheim, heading North-West towards the „Madonna“ that surveilles the growth of the grapes.
The „SYMPOSION“ and „ST.URBAN“ originate from a single parcel of 80 squaremeter.
This parcel used to have the name „Im unteren Hahnenböhl“ in the last century, before the areas were renamed in 1971, when the German Wine Law was implemented.
The name of the owners of the First Hotel at place, the „Deidesheimer Hof“, is no coincidence:
the Family Hahn only gives the best of the best to their guests, including their tradition and name.

All our wines descend from that parcel or the direct neighbourhood: Only Premium Quality for Samus-Gallus and You!

For our friends around the world a little wine-excursion: Germany´s wine classification is determined by strict legal terms that ensure highest quality also inside of the bottle…
Only First-Class-Wines are allowed to carry a special „Prädikat“, a superiour quality label that guarantees the top level of german wines.

It ranges from dry to sweet and via 6 categories, rising with ripeness degree levels and sugar content. Chaptilization (adding sugar to unfermented grape must in order to enhance alcohol content) is forbidden. The names of these categories are the „Kabinett“ (the lightest category), followed by the „Spätlese“ (= late harvest) via the „Auslese“ (= select harvest) and „Beerenauslese“ (= select berry harvest) reaching the „Eiswein“ (= ice-wine, using grapes that have been naturally frozen in the vinyard).

Not only the ripeness of the grapes and due to the longer sun-exposure the increasing degree of sugar-level determine the different labels, also the origin of the grapes must be ensured and declared. They may only derive from the mentioned vinyard or site in the special region, here the PALATINATE.

Our wines do not only guarantee highest quality, they also integrate the feeling of sun and passion into their names:

From „VIVAT!“ via „ViVA“ to „CHARISMA“ and „DIVA“ reaching the „GLOBUS“, the highest degree of sweet maturity: Let yourself be inspired and enjoy!