Eine Freundschaft aus Schulzeiten führte zur Gründung dieser exklusiven Weinmarke, ansässig in Deidesheim, dem Herzen der Pfalz.
Die exzellenten Weine entstammen der Einzellage “Deidesheimer Herrgottsacker”.
Hier wurden die Rieslingtrauben aus einem Weinberg von ca. 1/4 Hektar gewonnen, der früher als “Im unteren Hahnenböhl” bezeichnet wurde, unweit der Grenze zum “Forster Ungeheuer”.
Sowohl der Riesling ST. URBAN wie auch das Cuvée SYMPOSION, das aus der Trilogie Riesling, Weißburgunder und Sauvignon Blanc besteht, enthalten ausschließlich von dort stammende Rieslingtrauben.

Samus-Gallus: nur First-Class ist gut genug für die Freundschaft und für SIE!


A friendship from school days led to the creation of this exclusive wine brand.

In the 5* Hotel „Deidesheimer Hof“ in the center of Deidesheim, the most picturesque wine-village in the PALATINATE in Germany, a chat between friends accompanied by a delicious glass of wine set the way for the birth of this upmarket wine range.
Already Germanys former chancellor HELMUT KOHL knew exactly why he invited his most important guests of state to the beautiful Deidesheim.
Perfect ambience right at the german wine route promised the optimum of harmonious atmosphere to make far-reaching decisions with worldwide influence. The excellent wine accompanied important discussions and unified nations.
From Russias former President Mr. Michail Gorbatschow or later President Boris Jelzin to France`s Premier Mr. Chirac and Mrs. Margeret Thatcher or the Queen of England and many more.
They all went home with a smile on their face and always agreed at least at one point…
The Germans were not as dry as they had expected… and neither their wine.
Until today this special location attracts people from all nations all across the world, who bring friendship and joy to this area!
With our delicious „Samus-Gallus“, no matter if based on the typical local grape „Riesling“, its cuvee integrating „ Weissburgunder“, „Sauvignon Blanc“ or „Pinot noir“ or others – we want to give back some joy to them and to all friends in the world.


Samus-Gallus: Friends are worth it!



In this area the sun shines about 2000 hours a year…the Palatinate woods protect the vinyards from cold at night. Coloured sandstone soils keep the vinyard dry, absorb and store the warmth oft he sun and make the roots search for deep water reservoirs that bring a hint of mineral aroma into the sophisticated wine. Enjoy….