Our Products:


SYMPOSION – Cuvee blanche – Trilogy of 3 Individualists: rejuvinating,harmonious,refreshing.

ST.URBAN – Riesling Kabinett – Odeur of vinyard: clear juicy citrus blossom, mineral shades, livelyness.



VIVAT! – Riesling Kabinett dry – Stimulate yourself: enlivening, crisp, fine fruits.

VIVA – Riesling Kabinett mild – Just live: light and easy, invigorating, mild sweetness, smell of apricot.

CHARISMA – Late Harvest – Be aware: expressive, elegant, smell yellow fruits, lightness.

DIVA – Selected Harvest – The Lady: ripe, voluptous, sustainable, impressive.

GLOBUS – icewine – nature`s frozen delight: THE dessert itself. Exclusive sweetness at its best.

UNION – Riesling Kabinett semi-dry – Hommage to the Deidesheim Vinyard Union established in 1898: Balanced, round, full of fruit.

1898 – Late Harvest semi-dry- Historic moments: maturity, delicacy, lively structure for eternal moments.


Red carpet:

AMICUS – Cuvee of Pinot noir and friends- Friendship: pulsating power, round, lasting.

PILOT – PInot & MerLOT- Commander in Charge: Check in Oct.13- On blocks in barrel zone- Ready for take-off 2015- You may fill in application form.